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Kana Windows DynDNS Updater


The Step by Step method


A popular free Dynamic DNS Windows updater is "DynDNS Updater" from Kana Solution.

We are going to look at using a mostly setup version of this DynDNS Updater that once installed you only have to add your is-in.nz password into it and you are done. To open & fill out the easy configuration window. Click here. FYI it is a popup so you may have a allow it...Fill the form out with your is-in.nz username and is-in.nz hostname then click 'Create my Preconfigured DynDNS Updater'. You will be told that it was successfully created with a link to download it.

Now save it somewhere and extract the ZIP into it own folder, then Right click the 'Install_Your_DynDNS_Updater' batch file and Run it as Administrator.

Windows user account control will popup a window asking you do you want to run the 'Windows Command Processor', Click 'Yes'. Windows will now open a CMD.EXE window then start the DynDNS Updater setup program. Yes bit is easy, click 'Next' then 'Accept Licence Agreement' and click 'Next' for the next 4 windows then finally 'Finish'. Be sure that none of the 3 tick boxes on the Finish window are ticked. The install will continue as the CMD window will say 'Copying Your configuration into place' then it will say 'Install is finished, Close this window and Run DynDNS Updater from the start menu.

Upon clicking DynDNS Updater on the start menu Windows User Account Control will ask you 'Do you want to run it' click 'Yes'. Within 10 seconds the DynDNS Updater should be started and hiding in the system tray just to the left of the clock. If you don't see a new icon (green square with a white tick.) click on the little up arrow on the left side of the icons by the clock. As you maybe still reading this then you will hear your computer making a single ding about every minute then the icon you are looking for is a red square icon with a white tick in it.

Ok you found it, right click the icon and click 'Show main window' then click 'settings'. In the 'Groups' window you will see 'is-in' listed, double click it and the 'is-in - Properties' window will come up.. Fill in the 'Password' and 'Confirm Password' boxes with you is-in.nz password you choice on signup. Now clock 'Ok' then click 'Ok' again and you will be back at the 'General Information' window.

If you password is correct you will see it automatically update your hostname with your public internet address. To confirm this if you look at the 'Last Updated' it should give how long ago it did the update. The icon in the system tray will now be green with a white tick in it

Then is only one thing left to do, up by the 'Info' tab click on 'Options' and click the 'Start with Windows'. Ok your way out and You are all done. DynDNS Updater will Start with Windows and do it's thing.


The More Advanced Way


Please download the latest stable version from their site , and install it. If you use the version with setup program, or start the DynDNS.exe for the first time, you will be presented a "configuration wizard".


When it asks for "My Group", enter "is-in.nz". For "Username" and "Password", please use the credentials (see above) you got in is-in.nz's service zone.


Then please chose "enter manually" when asked for "automatic download". The next dialog allows you to add the hostname or domain you whish to use as Dynamic DNS record, as configured at is-in.nz, like "yourchoice.is-in.nz".


Finish the rest of the wizard, and leave the program (exit)! Please locate the file "DynDNS.ini" - usually it is in c:\program files\DynDNS Updater (or in the directory you used to extract the package without installer).


Open it in an editor (Notepad is fine), and search for the section [Options]. Please add the line




and save the file.


Then download the text file "is-in.nz.profile" attached below, and store it somewhere - e.g. in the DynDNS Updater directory. This text file is the profile to be used for the is-in.nz. Dynamic DNS service.

Restart DynDNS Updater, and chose "Settings" (right mouse click on task bar icon).

Select "My Group 'is-in.nz.'", click "edit", chose tab "Options", type "is-in.nz" in inputfield "Provider", and click on the browse button below this. Navigate to the text file you downloaded before, and select it.


Leave by pressing "Ok" - and you are done. DynDNS Updater should work now.