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Links & Info

This page will contain any links or information needed to use the service. Frequently asked questions that should help solve most if not all problems to do with the service .

A popular free Dynamic DNS Windows updater is "DynDNS Updater" from Kana Solution.

We are going to look at using a mostly setup version of this DynDNS Updater that once installed you only have to add your is-in.nz password into it and you are done.

DynSite is a shareware client for MS Windows. With shareware means that you are free to try the software for 30 days but then have to pay 16 Euro. The program provides a graphical interface where you can make all the settings, however, it requires that you first create a configuration file for is-in.nz.

This page is for Mikrotik 'Routerboard / RouterOS' series of devices. Dynamic DNS Update Script for dynDNS in order to support dyndns i took some parts from the changeip script and made it work for.

1) add a script called dynDNS: