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Looking at building a website? Want a hostname that is for New Zealand and free. Read on

After searching with Google many times for 'free nz hostname', 'free .nz domain' type searches and finding nothing for New Zealand.

I have decided that I am going to give away free .is-in.nz Hostname's / Subdomain's.
ie. yournamehere.is-in.nz or whatevername.is-in.nz.

Reserve the .is-in.nz hostname of your choice before someone else choose's the one you want

Get freeparking for your brand new .is-in.nz hostname Like this untill you get some hosting

If you wanted to run a web server or a service from home you can use one of our hostnames with Dynamic DNS (dyndns / ddns) compatible updating client like 'DynSite' so you don't need to get a static IP Address.

To take advantage of this free offer and head over to the Free .is-in.nz Hostname Signup Page at no cost.

You can get a redirect from a friendly is-in.nz url of your chosing to your unfriendly url. Worth a look don't you think

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